David Parker

David Parker may refer to:

* David C. Parker, theology professor and textual critic * David Parker (attorney) (born 1954), North Carolina politician and attorney * David Parker (Australian politician) (born 1953), Australian politician from Western Australia * David Parker (New Zealand politician) (born 1960), New Zealand politician * David Parker (director) (born 1947), Australian cinematographer * David Parker (climatologist), head of climate monitoring at the Hadley Centre * David Parker (sound engineer) (born 1951), American sound engineer * David Parker (swimmer) (1959–2010), British Olympic swimmer * David Parker (football manager) (born 1984), English football manager * David Stuart Parker (1919–1990), Governor of the Panama Canal Zone * David J. Parker, former leader of the Alberta Green Party * David Parker (Pennsylvania politician), American politician * David Parker (Mississippi politician) (born 1969), American optometrist and politician * David Parker (chemist) (born 1956), English chemical scientist and academic * David Parker, convicted murderer of Arthur Warren * David Parker, malodorant researcher and credited inventor of Israeli riot-control weapon Skunk (weapon) * David Parker, American musician known as Busy Bee Starski * David H. Parker, memorialized at Camp Grohn for heroism

Dave Parker may refer to: * Dave Parker (born 1951), American baseball player * Dave Parker (rock musician) (born 1978), record producer, keyboard and guitar player used to play with Coheed and Cambria in their live shows * Dave Parker (rugby league), rugby league footballer of the 1960s for Great Britain, and Oldham * Dave Parker (politician) (born 1940), Canadian politician * Dave Parker (pornographic actor), actor in gay pornography Provided by Wikipedia
by Cowen, Tyler., Parker, David,
Published 1998
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